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Toll-Free 1-800-721-3934 Symantec Customer Service

Symantec is a US-based software company, which has its headquarters located in California, The United States of America. Generally, the company offers cybersecurity services and software. The name of this company is also listed in the fortune 500 companies and is also a member of the S&P stock market index.

The company decided to split into two parts. One part would focus on information management and the other would take care of security. Later, in the year 2016, the company sold its subsidiary of information management to the Carlyle group.

The name of the company is a combination of two words that is syntax and semantics. Currently, there are 12, 518 employees working in Symantec. The company is well-known in various countries across the globe. However, there are certain customers who are not happy with its products and services. This is why they get in touch with Symantec customer service.

Some of the problems faced by the Symantec customers are enlisted below:

  • Issues with antivirus expiration
  • Issues with the reliability of products
  • Certain software of Symantec is very difficult to remove.
  • Its software has a very busy user interface.

If as a customer, you have also come across similar kinds of problems or there is a query that you want to ask, then you need to dial Symantec customer support. You can avail Symantec contact details by going to our website

Our team of experts is regularly uploading all the necessary customer service information for the convenience of our clients. We have updated the contact information of various corporations which also includes Symantec contact details.

Contact Toll-Free Symantec Customer Service Number

If there are any doubts or any questions in your mind, then you have a choice to ask them by dialling the Symantec customer support. You can easily avail Symantec customer support and other toll-free numbers by visiting the phone directory of our website

Our website does not only contain phone numbers but it also contains information about other sources to get in touch with the customer service team. If you want to launch a complaint, then you can do it by directly visiting their website. You can also launch a complaint by going to their Twitter handle or Facebook page.

Get in Touch with Symantec Customer Service

If you want to have a one on one conversation with the customer service team, then the best option for you is to dial Symantec customer support. But if you want to contact them through a written source, then that can be done by sending an email to them.

Also, you can have a video chat with the customer service team through Skype support. All the contact details you require including Symantec customer service is available on the phone directory of our website

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