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Toll-Free 1 (866) 771-9666 Telus TV Customer Services & Helpline


This Telus customer service is 866-771-9666, and it is the best contact details of Telus service. At any time you want any kind of help related to Telus service you can ask from our Telus customer service. By using this information you can tell your problems and our support team will solve your problem. This Telus customer support is open for the customers 24/7 hours.

The Telus supportive team is always trying to provide you with the best and better services. At any time you call our supportive team by using the Telus contact details, they instantly answer your call and provide you with the best solution for your problems.

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Users faced lots of problems at the time of using the Telus service. The customer has different types of problems. So, they need your help to be solve. This Telus customer support provides you with the fastest online service. But, sometimes Telus service users suffer from various kinds of issues, that’s why they want help from Telus customer support information. Our support team is also very cooperative with our users; they always take care of our customers.

Contacting with TELUS Customer Service

You can contact Telus customer service through these methods. The first option, to contact Telus phone service customers, is by calling 866-771-9666 for their Home Phone, Internet, TV department. With the help of Telus customer service, you can discuss your problem with our Telus service team.

Beyond calling the next option for customers looking for help is through online help for customer service. These are the options to contact Telus customer service. And if you know other options also to contact Telus phone service then let us know so we can share with other customers.

Discuss every problem with us regarding Telus service and we will suggest the best ways to fix it. Whenever, you are suffering from any problem with our Telus service, then immediately contact us. We are always trying to give you the best and easiest way to fix it.

Telus Customer Service and Relationship with Our Customer

Our Telus service team, become very happy when we solved the issues of your customers. With the help of our happy users, we count as the best online service center. There is also a reason behind we become the best online service center that is we immediately give the answer to the users and hear their problems and instantly solve their problem with the best solution.

So, whenever you need our help and if you want to discuss your problems then contact us and we will solve all your problems. I hope we will continue to solve your Telus services issues. Whenever you get any type of support at Telus customer service then please share your experience and give your feedback. So, other customers will also take help from this information. So, we can increase this free resource.

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