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Turbolock locks are advanced security locks that you can use to keep your home safe. The Turbolock door lock enables you to have a keyless entry to your house. You can increase the security on your office or home property by using durable and weather-proofed home security locks.

It has a stainless steel design that is great for outer doors as well as inner doors. You just need to program these door locks with a master code. This will be your standard entry code. It replaces most of the standard US front door locks.  The electronic lock automatically gets locked three seconds after you open it.

Moreover, it has a backup battery port in case your battery runs out. This door lock has many great qualities. However, there are users who have experienced issues while using these products.

Below, we have mentioned some problems that users have faced by using the Turbolock locks. 

  • It is more like a hit and miss lock
  • People get locked out of the house
  • Missing spring in battery compartments
  • Flashing and beeping issues

If you are also encountering the above-mentioned problems or some other issues, then you must get these issues fixed by contacting the customer service experts. You can reach out to the customer service professionals by calling them on their toll-free number. The experts will hear you out and provide you with the best possible remedy to fix your problem. 

How to Contact Turbolock Customer Service?

You can reach out to the Turbolock customer service team through different means. The easiest way to talk to them is to call them on their toll-free number. Other than that, you can write an email to the customer service staff. However, you may get a delayed response if you choose this means.

Plus, you can talk to them through their Skype support service. You can also launch your complaint or ask a query by going to the Facebook or Twitter page of Turbolock. You can reach out to the experts on any day from Monday to Friday. You can give them a call between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. 

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