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United States Postal Service is also known by the name of postal service, US mail, or post office. USPS is an independent agency started by the federal government of the United States. USPS provides its postal service in different areas in the United States including associated states and insular areas. This agency has been given an authority to offer postal services by the constitution of the United States. This US mail service started in the year 1775.

During that time, the postmaster general was Mr. Benjamin Franklin. Currently, United States Postal Service has 644,124 active employees and it operates 211,264 vehicles. This company is the main operator of the biggest vehicle fleet all around the world. USPS has a legal obligation to serve the citizens of the United States of America.

They provide the same quality of services and charge uniform price from all the citizens. Even though, USPS is one of the main mail service in the entire America, still, there are certain issues experienced by people in its services, which is why the customers contact USPS helpline.

Some of the issues faced by people include:

  • Packages don’t get delivered on the delivery date
  • Products are sometimes broken in the shipped packages
  • Double charge issues
  • Delayed delivery of packages

If you are also one of the customer of USPS and you are bothered by similar kind of problems, then your issues can be resolved by contacting USPS customer service chat. You can easily avail all the necessary customer service details by going to our website

Our experienced team members are working hard day and night, so that they can provide you with contact information of various business concerns including USPS customer support helpline.

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Contact Toll-free USPS Customer Service

If you are bothered with any of the services of USPS, then you can resolve your problem by contacting their toll-free USPS customer support. But if you want, you can also resolve your problem by launching a complaint on their main website.

You can also ask a query by visiting their Facebook page or their page on any other social networking site. All this customer support information is available on our website

Contact USPS Customer Service Team

If you want to have one on one communication with the United States Postal Service team, then your problem can be resolved by dialing USPS customer service. But if you wish to connect with them through a written source, then you can write down an e-mail to them. Additionally, you can also use their Skype support service.

The USPS customer service team provides its support from Monday to Friday. The customer service hours start from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm. So, if you want USPS customer support chat, then avail this information by going to our page.

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