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1-888-944-9400 US Cellular Customer Service Details

United States Cellular corporation performs its operation as U.S. Cellular. It is a regional carrier company. This wireless telecommunication company comes on the fifth rank in the USA. It served 5 million customers in 426 markets in the United States during the first three months of the year 2017. The headquarters of this company is situated in Chicago, Illinois.

The company was incorporated in the year 1983 as the subsidiary of Data Systems incorporation. Currently, Data Systems owns 84 percent stakes in US Cellular. Furthermore, this company provided 4G coverage starting from quarter 1 of the year 2012.

This Cellular corporation is very prominent amongst people in the United States, although there are some people who are not content with its services. That is the reason why they dial US Cellular customer service.

Some of the problems faced by the US Cellular customers are listed below.

  • Issues associated with cancellation of the order
  • Problems with the changes in the deal
  • Problems related to the roaming on the partner network
  • Random overcharging of accounts
  • Services getting disconnected without informing in advance

If as a customer of US Cellular, you have also encountered such kind of troubles or there is a question that you want to ask, then your query can be resolved by contacting US Cellular customer service. You can obtain this customer service information by going to our website

Our expert team members are regularly uploading customer support information including US Cellular customer support contact details of various concerns so that you can obtain all the numbers easily and conveniently without any obstacle.

Dial Toll-Free US Cellular Customer Support Service

If you want your problem to get resolved on an instant basis, then that can be done by contacting toll-free US Cellular customer service. But this is not just one way to approach the customer service team. If you want you can also get in touch with the customer support team by visiting their main website.

Additionally, you can visit US Cellular pages on different social networking websites to launch a complaint. Moreover, you can chat with the US Cellular team through Skype support. US Cellular contact details and other customer service information is available on our website

Contact US Cellular Customer Service Team

If you wish to have a one on one communication with the US Cellular team, then that can be done by contacting US Cellular customer service. US Cellular customer service hours start from 7 am to 10:00 pm. All you have to do is to reach out to us in order to connect with the US Cellular customer support contact details.

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